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5 Online Stores that sell the most amazing African Print Clothing

In the african fashion industry, the African print has proven itself strong and this has caused the number of online stores that sell the many vivacious wax designs to increase. Fashion designers and other retailers have also resorted to taking advantage of the ever growing industry.

Here are some of these online stores that have the most amazing and fashionable african print pieces.

1. Grassfields
As the home of African Fashion, Grassifields is so far the largest platform that sells beautiful african print designs. Started by twin sisters, Christelle and Michelle Nganhou from Cameroon, Grass-fields was created with a simple aim to put the love back into African print clothing again. Their aim is to give you a shopping experience that excites, makes you feel good and provides you with unique handmade African print dresses which you will treasure from season to season.


 2. KwameTailor
Kwame Tailor is the Home of African Fashion for African Dresses, Skirts & More. Their modern aesthetics makes these stunning Made in Ghana pieces a staple for every woman. They ships worldwide from Ghana and the U.S. 

3. Kaelakayonline
Kaela Kay started as a capsule collection in 2013 and has since grown into a brand with customers represented world wide.  Rooted in hard work, creativity, respect, innovative continuity, and family, (Kaela Kay is named after Catherine Addai’s daughter Kaela), Kaela Kay has grown into a brand.

Through the bright colours, print combinations, modern styles and classy silhouettes, Kaela Kay wants women to elevate their collective agenda by revealing their fabulous style – in all shapes and sizes; for this reason Kaela Kay stocks up to size US22 and will custom design for any fabulous size.

4. Shopzuvaa
Unlike the other online platforms in this article, Zuvaa, is the only marketplace - The premier marketplace for African inspired designs. Zuvaa is a community and movement of fashion lovers who seek to support ethically manufactured and produced pieces. The name is inspired by Shona language of Zimbabwe where the word, 'Zuva' means sunshine, and represents the vibrancy and radiance of the African culture and how our customers’ personal light shines through African aesthetics.

5. Flair By IronyOfAshi
Ashi, the gorgeous fashion blogger of IronyOfAshi owns the unique store, FLAIR. She believes that it's not what you WEAR, it's how you FLAIR. They offer sizes XS-3XL of Sophisticated fashion fashion pieces with a twist and ship worldwide.


6. Zoharous
Zoharous is a bespoke fashion label which focuses on utilizing traditional African prints to create clothing for the contemporary woman. Zoharous understands that all clothing is a form of self-expression, allowing women to differentiate themselves in a world where uniqueness is a valued trait.

Zoharous offers a wide variety of women’s clothing that range from separates to outerwear to dresses and gowns. Our unique Made to Measure Clothing inspired by Africa ship worldwide from Ghana and cover sizes from XS to 3XL

These are our top 6 for the year. We hope to update this list on a yearly basis and we'll love your opinions on them.
Do you know any stores we did not mention?
Share your opinions in the comments below.

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